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No registration or software downloads needed. Just drag and drop files, and they are online. As easy as that.

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Images, documents, or audio files. All of them you can preview or play online, without downloading.

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Send over the link to the files. Email, Facebook, Twitter, or dozens of other available ways. Start getting Likes for the files you share!

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One way to upload

Drag and drop your files onto the Upload page. And yes, just in case, you can always just click on the Upload page instead of dropping, to pick your files manually.

You files are instantly uploaded, and appear online straight away.

If you want the files to be accessible just by you and your friends, switch them to Private. Then only you and people having the link to the files will be able to see them.

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The link is all that matters

Copy the sharing link and send it over. People accessing the files do not need to sign up or install any software. All they need is just to click on your link.

Link to the files could be sent directly, or using built-in Email sender, Facebook, Twitter, or any of other supported ways of sharing the link.

Gmail, Hotmail, even StubmleUpon — your shared files could be reached by your friends or colleagues in no time.

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As a limited time offer, Milky File gives 4 GB of storage space, for free. 4 GB is huge! You can fit around 800 songs in there, or 1,500 photos.

Pages with your files

There is always home, list of all your pages with all the files you have uploaded.

You can rename pages, make pages public and private, share whole pages of files, and share just individual files.

When you get tired of some files, delete them.

To better protect your files, they are changeable only from the same PC they have been uploaded from.

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Global feed with the files

All files uploaded end up in the global feed of pages. This applies to everything marked as public. Meaning that you can find that band page with songs you've been looking for, by searching for a band name. If you like a certain page, you can follow it, to add it to the list of your pages.

Explore to see all the different files.

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Twitter: @MilkyFile

Email: in@monotech.no

About Milky File

This file sharing service was started during Stavanger Startup Weekend.

Milky File is brought to you by Monotech.

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